Live Streaming

Live WebcastingBlaq Media Group offers a simple yet flexible solution for streaming live video (webcasting) on a website. The live stream hosting platform is designed with a streaming as a service approach. Blaq Media Group delivers professional services and utilities all featured through cloud computing and from a content delivery network in order to reach worldwide audiences.

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Blaq Media Group Webcasting NetworkLive video re-transmission on the internet, often called live video streaming, is a several step process.

First, a source is needed, which can be either digital such as webcams or analog, which requires digitizing through a capture card before it can be streamed.

The second step is encoding through our platform. The service supports all encoders that can output in RTMP live streaming. This includes broadcasting video software encoders such as OBS Studio, which is a free download. Professional hardware encoders can also be used, such as the Niagara line, TriCaster, VBrick and TouchStream.

In the third step, the stream is sent through a secure internet transmission to our servers. Through a partnership with Akamai, one of the leading worldwide content delivery networks (CDN), media is then distributed worldwide to any viewer with an internet connected device.

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Blaq Media Group Worldwide WebcastingThere is a great deal of importance in understanding how a viewer will interact with a feed when deciding upon its creation. This is especially true for live web streaming services, where data is sent without the ability to pause and buffer, a method of storing video server side for playback.

There are two determinates for live stream quality beyond selecting a bitrate and establishing encoding preferences. This is connection speed from the broadcaster and the viewer. For example, if one has an upload speed of 750 kb a second, they will be limited to a maximum of around 700 kb a second for video streaming.

For viewer connection speeds, our platform presents a solution for high definition streaming. By presenting an option for multi-bitrate, broadcasters can stream in great quality but also define lower quality versions that will then be selected, automatically or manually, by viewers on slower connections such as mobile devices.

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